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The delegation of the Kazakhstan Metropolitan District handed over the sacred gift from Metropolitan Alexander to His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem

May 4, 2024. Jerusalem. With the blessing of Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan, a pilgrim delegation of the Kazakhstan Metropolitan District visits the Gospel places during Holy Week. The group is headed by the sacristan of the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Almaty, Archpriest Igor Svetlichny.

The main goal of Kazakhstani pilgrims is to bring the Holy Fire from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to the city of Alma-Ata. The delegation includes long-term organizers of the delivery of this shrine to Kazakhstan - General Director of Premier Group LLP D.I. Gorbashev, General Director of Transavia LLP V.I. Matveev and head of the tourism department of Transavia LLP O.A. Nesterova.

Pilgrims from the Metropolitan District were received by the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilus III of the Holy City of Jerusalem and All Palestine.

Archpriest Igor Svetlichny presented His Beatitude as a gift from Metropolitan Alexander an icon of the new martyrs and confessors who shone on the land of Kazakhstan, with particles of their holy relics and a greeting address from the Head of the Metropolitan District.

In the word of the Metropolitan, addressed to His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilus III, it is said, in particular: “I heartily thank Your Beatitude for your kind assistance in the transfer of the great shrine - the Holy Fire from the Holy Sepulcher to the delegation of the Orthodox Church of Kazakhstan.
For many years, the joy of celebrating the Holy Resurrection of Christ has been aggravated by the bringing of the sacred Fire from the Holy Sepulcher from Jerusalem to the churches of the Kazakhstan Metropolitan District. Every time in the cathedrals of Astana and Almaty, candles are lit and lamps are lit from the Jerusalem sacred flame, and then this Easter light spreads throughout our country. The Holy Fire shines in churches and homes as a symbol of the Divine presence in our lives, as a symbol of ardent faith, as a symbol of great hope for the enlightenment of the human race with the light of Christ's Truth.
I express the hope that in the future, Kazakhstanis will have the opportunity to rejoice at the offering of the great shrine - the Holy Fire from the Holy Sepulcher - on the eve of Easter.”