Архиепископ Владимир возглавил выпускной акт в гуманитарно-техническом колледже города Петропавловска
Епископ Уральский и Атырауский Вианор провел рабочее совещание по вопросам оказания помощи пострадавшим от паводков
В день памяти новомучеников и исповедников Казахстанских митрополит Астанайский и Казахстанский Александр совершил Литургию в Софийском соборе Иверско-Серафимовского монастыря Алма-Аты
Паломническая делегация Русской Православной Церкви посетила святогорские обители Ксиропотам, Симонапетра и келию святителя Модеста
Congratulations from Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan on Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

December 16, 2023 – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The head of the Orthodox Church of Kazakhstan, Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan, congratulates the people of Kazakhstan on the anniversary of the declaration of state independence of the Republic:

Dear people of Kazakhstan, brothers and sisters!

Congratulations on the national holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!
With the proclamation of sovereignty, the era of spiritual revival of Kazakhstan began. Millions of people have again gained the opportunity to openly offer prayers to God and raise their children and grandchildren in the faith. Over the past years, our country has achieved success in building a democratic society, developing the social sphere and creating an effective economic system. The republic has gained authority in the face of the world community as an example of peace, interethnic and interreligious harmony. The multinational and multi-confessional people of Kazakhstan are one big family, united, tempered by years of trials in the last century and knowing the joy of achievements in the 21st century.
In one of his speeches, the President of Kazakhstan K.-Zh.K. Tokayev said the following words: “By addressing significant events in the centuries-old history of our statehood, strengthening consolidating national values, we thereby raise high the banner of our Independence.”
If we preserve centuries-old moral principles, cherish historical memory, remain faithful to enduring spiritual ideals, work for the benefit of the Fatherland and our neighbors, then our people and our country - blessed Kazakhstan - will undoubtedly expect new achievements and great successes.
On this solemn day I wish you all peace, health, strength and success in your work.


Metropolitan Alexander congratulated the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.-Zh.K. on the national holiday. Tokayev, the country's leadership, parliamentarians, akims of regions and cities.