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The Calvary Cross, which belonged to the elder saint, was transferred to the funds of the Museum of Metropolitan Joseph (Chernov)

April 1, 2024. Alma-Ata. In the spiritual, cultural and administrative center of the Kazakhstan Metropolitan District named after Metropolitan Joseph (Chernov), Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan held a working meeting with the dean of the Ili church district, Archpriest Alexander Zyryanov.

The meeting was attended by: the head of the personal secretariat of the Metropolitan, Hieromonk Prokhor (Endovitsky), the head of the administrative secretariat of the Head of the Metropolitan District, Priest Georgy Sidorov; Head of the Metropolitan Protocol Service, Protodeacon Roman Golovin.

Archpriest Alexander handed over to the Head of the Metropolitan District for the museum of Metropolitan Joseph (Chernov) the Calvary Cross, which was on the altar in the saint’s home church. According to the pastor, the cross was reverently kept for many years by the cleric of the St. Nicholas Cathedral of the southern capital, Archpriest Boris Ivanov, who was a cell attendant and subdeacon of Bishop Joseph. In 1995, Father Boris handed over the shrine to Father Alexander, who was appointed rector of the Cyril and Methodius Church in the village of Pervomaisky, Alma-Ata region.

The crucifix is made of silver metal and covered with gold enamel. The size of the cross is 21x14 cm, with the base the height is 27 cm.

Metropolitan Alexander gratefully accepted the shrine and noted that the unique exhibits collected in the house-museum will help visitors feel the atmosphere of genuine kindness and philanthropy that surrounded Bishop Joseph, feel his human modesty and simplicity, and touch the holiness of his life.

The opening of the memorial house of Metropolitan Joseph (Chernov) is scheduled for early 2025, which will mark the 50th anniversary of the elder saint’s repose in the Lord.

The future museum is located in Almaty on Ashimbaev Street, not far from the Iversko-Seraphim Monastery. In the 60-70s of the last century, the Alma-Ata diocesan administration was located in this house, where the blessed bishop worked and lived for some time. A memorial office for the saint will be organized in the restored building and exhibitions dedicated to his life and works will be located.

Previously, the following items were transferred to the museum fund: a bishop's staff, a sakkos, a monastic paraman, a rosary, a staff, an official, a menaion, handwritten books, a table clock and other items that belonged to the outstanding hierarch.